Are you curious about the inside scoop regarding real estate? Here are five tips straight from the agents.

1. Staging changes with the seasons.
Staging continues to evolve, and it’s much more intricate than simply creating a cozy reading nook in your living room. For example, it’s better to use shorter furniture during summer months. Doing so makes the room feel bigger and longer. Another staging secret is to play soft background music during the showing to make your property feel more inviting.

2. People love a nice lawn.
Freshly cut grass is irresistible to buyers. Mow your lawn the day of the showing so the clean, fresh scent surrounds the exterior of your home.

3. Don’t exaggerate in your listing.
If your home is located near a tiny pond, don’t describe it as a giant, luxurious waterfront lake. Take the best features of your home and describe them in vivid detail. Otherwise, buyers will probably be disappointed by your inaccurate description.

4. Don’t let your house sit for too long.

In a hot market, “too long” is three or four weeks. If your home has been on the market for that length of time, it’s definitely overpriced. In order to avoid dropping the value and looking desperate, price the home correctly from the start for a house.

5. There’s an ideal time to sell.
Do you know what month performs best in real estate sales? If you guessed June, you’re correct. Housing sales in June are usually 29% above average.