People typically think of their laundry room as a bland space to do a boring yet necessary chore. However, your laundry room isn’t destined for this type of disdain. Here are five ways to help you fall in love with your laundry room.

1. It’s all about counter space.

Your life will be much easier if you have plenty of surface space to sort and fold clothes. This will also create additional storage underneath the counter area.

2. Maximize your storage.

Laundry storage helps keeps things neat and tidy. Stock cabinets are affordable and easy to install. If those aren’t an option, there are limitless possibilities to improve your laundry room’s storage capacity.

3. Buy new appliances.

New appliances instantly improve the pizazz of a room. Install a new washer and dryer to help save on water and energy costs. If you’re trying to save space, consider a stacked pair.

4. Install a sink.

If you have space to install a utility sink in your laundry room, do it now. These are super convenient for hand washing clothes and cleaning up dirty pets and other messes.

5. Add some color.

Paint your laundry room a nice, soothing color. Consider a muted blue or green. Hang some art, install a cheerful chandelier, and add curtains to your windows. These decorative touches will make your laundry room more inviting.